Storage temperature is the most important to keep asparagus best taste.


It’s May,

this is the best time of the year for asparagus in Hokkaido!


People who live in Hokkaido will have chances to send delicious asparagus to friends and relatives…


And travelers to Hokkaido will not forget this wonderful taste and want them again at home.


You can order the asparagus from Hokkaido directly to your home



By the way, when I send asparagus of Hokkaido to you, I want to notice you a very important thing.


“The most important thing is temperature!!”


The taste depends on temperature after crop, they are put where and how long in what temperature.


It’s not the best to send to you soon after crop.

It’s important to put asparagus in a refrigerator promptly and make chill before delivery.


If I pack it after a crop immediately and send it out, asparagus itself runs hot and it may not cool down even with cool delivery service


It happens with the corn, too.  After crop without being able to cool down enough, when I pile up all the carriers corn of the truck, the whole cold room of the truck becomes warm.


And I start to harvest early in the morning at (in Hokkaido around 4:00), then before outside temperature rises, quickly finish.  If white asparagus sunbathe it gets pink.


This kind of detailed information isn’t available in vegetable shop.


Our shop, Sierra Farmer, do the best to send you the most delicious vegetables in best of the best conditions.  We are totally different from other Hokkaido shops.


Some of the farmers can pack asparagus in ice if you request.  Maybe it is more delicious than you tasted in Hokkaido vegetables direct sale place!

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