Frying pan steaming corns

When you cook corns this way, you don’t need to

boil a lot of water in a big pot!


And the taste and nutrition remain if corns are

cooked this way.


You can taste corn itself’s delicious flavor!


So I will introduce you how to cook the frying pan steaming corns!


<step 1>


Peel the corns.

Notice you must leave one or two husks and all the corn silks.


The husks will keep corns from too much boiling.


Corn silks will make water colored and that will make corns good colors to look delicious.


Then line up a few corns in a frying pan.

If some are too big and not fit in, snap them into half.

But remember you don’t leave off the husks, keep a husk on a frying pan and put a half corn on it.


Besides, don’t keep all the husks because some of the corns have worms inside the husks.


Okay, when you put on all the corns in order in a frying pan,

Pour a cup of water in it.

Corns just bathe a little, that’s OK.


Put the lid on and start at high flame, when it boils set to medium flame and boil for about 3-5 minutes.


<Step 2>

Whether the corns are cooked through…

Turn up husks and see if it is enough yellow

Or still too white and stiff


But even if a little bit white, don’t worry

Recently sweet corns are made more and more sweet

And enough sweet even in raw.


When corns are cooked enough, dip them in brine

(salt 4g per water 200ml),

take them by a colander

then, finished!


Rap them when they are still hot

Not to be wrinkled.


You can taste corns’ deliciousness

By frying pan steaming!  Try now!