Are corns hard to be digested?

Have you seen feces of a baby or a kid containing corns’ yellow seeds?

And getting worried about whether it is OK to let babies or kids eat corns?


Actually, corn husks are made of cellulosic fibers,

so we cannot digest.

Thus they are excreted from body by feces.


But this is about just corn husks.

If you get rid of husks, corns can be very good weaning food.


The cell wall of the plants is made of cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin and so on.

These cannot be digested.


Hemicellulose is especially good for health.

Insoluble dietary fiber contained in husks of grains.


Arabinoxylan is a hemicellulose found in both the primary and secondary cell walls of plants,

including woods and cereal grains.

Arabinoxylan strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer, and following effects;


– preventing or eliminating constipation

preventing hemorroids

– Excretion of the toxic substance

– preventing colon cancer

– preventing too much eating

– mastication training

– preventing tooth decay


Corns promotes the peristalsis of the intestines and removing retained fecal mass.

It helps for you to keep good skin conditions.


It’s not bad to eat corns that are hard to be digested!