When is the best season of white asparagus in Hokkaido ?

The delicious white asparagus which I tasted at a restaurant…

I want to cook back at home!  Of course!


But when is the best Hokkaido asparagus season?

And where are they available?



In Europe it’s from the end of April to June.

In Hokkaido, when is it…?


Answer : from the end of April to the middle of June.

Almost the same as Europe!



But actually, the year’s Asparagus harvest start time depends on snow quantity and weather of the year.


It starts from the end of April to the middle of May.

The first harvest white asparagus is different.

The color is slightly pink and the fragrance is very strong, and tastes thick!


Please compare the white asparagus of first harvest and later ones!

You can enjoy the different deliciousness!



★Where can I buy the best white asparagus? ★


You can buy it in a supermarket or department store, but…

I recommend you to buy directly from Hokkaido, sending right after harvest!


Because it takes a few days from a farm to stores to send asparagus,

Which make fibers strong and less delicious.




If you directly purchase high-quality white asparagus with best seasonal taste,


We highly recommend


Korpokkur village of Akaigawa Village,

Sun farm of Rusutsu village


both in Hokkaido.


Please try it once!  I’m sure you’ll order the second time!



★Reference: White asparagus production center in Japan and seasonal ★


In Europe, there is an asparagus front like Japanese cherry-blossom front.


In Japan, white asparagus front is like this:

March – April : Kyushu district (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto)

May – July : Nagano, Akita, Hokkaido



Asparagus harvest top 3 (2010 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries statistics data)


  • Hokkaido: 5,550 tons
  • Nagano: 3,450 tons
  • Saga: 3,250 tons